Algeria : the European Union congratulates Algeria for its good work countering terrorism

Algerian counter terrorism units © RR

Casablanca, (ADV) – A senior European Union official on Monday hailed the “immense and key” experience of Algeria in the fight against terrorism, ahead of a security meeting between European representatives and Algerian officials due in October.

Upon his meeting with Algerian Foreign Minister AbdelkaderMessahel, Gilles De Kerchove, EU counterterrorism coordinator, told reporters that the security dialogue is “extremely important for the EU regarding the strategic and central role of Algeria and its immense experience in both the fight against terrorism and preventing it.”

As for the talks with Messahel, the EU official said they discussed several issues, including “the state of bilateral relations, as well as cooperation in the fields of cyber security, the prevention of radicalism, the fight against terrorism financing, and exchange of views on the regional situation, particularly in the African Sahel.”

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