Nigeria: collision between 2 army planes in Abuja

The army of the Nigerian Air. Photo : Kowoni

Casablanca, Morocco (ADV) – The spokesman of the army of the Nigerian Air Ibikunle Daramola, confirmed that two aircraft of the army collided Friday while rehearsing for an aerial parade over Abuja and that a pilot was killed.

Daramola said the crash took place as the two aircraft were rehearsing for the parade of the 58th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence.
The pilot aboard the F7-Ni was killed instantly.

Mohammed Gidi Nass, who led the rescue team before the arrival of the emergency and military personnel, said they evacuated one dead person and saved three others.

Of the three people saved, one was injured and two were not.

An inhabitant witness near the scene of the accident reported earlier hearing a loud noise before seeing thick smoke emerge from a mountain in Katampe district of Abuja, and saw two pilots landing parachutes.

Nigeria will hold a grand ceremony on Monday to celebrate the 58th anniversary of the country’s independence.

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