South Africa : environmental NGO condemns the export of lion bones

South Africa: a man hanging lion skeletons to dry ©Photo: RR

Casablanca, (ADV) – The Department of Environmental Affaires (DEA) has recently decided to allow the export of lion bones from South Africa. The DEA has declared that 1500 lion skeletons could be exported annually from the country. The export of lion bones from South Africa is usually conducted with Laos and Vietnam.

The decision has raised the indignation and concerns of the director of the environmental non-profit organisation EMS Foundation Michele Pickover who stated that “exporting lion bones is killing South Africa’s brand”.

“[I am] completely gobsmacked. The fact that we are actually taking lions and killing them for their bones‚ shame on South Africa. The worst part [is] that tourists will not want to come to this country‚” Pickoverdeclared.

The DEA has attempted to justify the decision by giving evidence from a research project conducted by the South African National Biodiversity Institute and the universities of Witwatersrand (Wits)‚ Oxford and Kent. According to the DEA, the research findings have demonstrated that the stockpile of lion bones is increasing in South Africa. However, Pickover argues that evidence of such findings was not presented to her, and that there is not enough information at the moment to make such a crucial decision.

South Africa is among the world’s top 7 countries with the most considerable lion populations. The country is home to about 3,500 lions living in the wild and 7,000 in captive breeding facilities.

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