Algeria : authorities doing the best they can to prevent cross-border crime

Tayeb Louh, Algerian Minister of Justice. © RR

Casablanca (ADV) – Algeria has issued 727 arrest warrants against cross-border crime during the past three years, Minister of Justice Tayeb Louh said on Monday.

In an speech at the Superior School of the Judiciary in the province of Tipasa, 40 km western Algiers, Louh noted that “from July 2015 to July 2018, Algeria issued 727 arrest warrants, which led to the arrest of some wanted individuals in foreign countries, and the initiation of their extradition procedures.”

Louh specified that such procedures are part of the North African nation’s effort in the fight against cross-border crime, which “has become one of the most dangerous crimes that threaten social integrity, amid increasing displacement of individuals, illegal immigration, terror activities, as well as drug trafficking.”

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